A holiday themed workshop asking where we like to go on holiday, and thinking about the people we may meet when we are there – a Workshop for Groups


Making Planes

Gentle craft activity making and decorating planes

Method /

  • Lay out a selection of paper, pens and pencils
  • As people are coming in and sitting down ask them if they would like to make a paper plane – it can help if you have a couple already made for people to look at, and an instruction sheet as a reminder of how to make them.
  • Once people have made a plane encourage them to decorate their plane and name it – maybe have some ready made planes available for people to decorate who do not want to make their own?
  • Look at all the different planes that people have made and use them as a starting point for discussion.

Questions that you could ask:

  • Which one do you like best?
  • Which flies the best?
  • Where would you like to travel on your plane?
  • What do people think the theme may be?

What you will need /
  • Paper
  • Coloured Pencils
  • Coloured Pens
  • Instructions Sheet
  • Travel Themed Music
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Warm Up

Flying Planes

Gentle physical warm flying paper planes

Method /

  • Explain to the group that you are going to warm up your bodies.
  • Ask everybody to hold his or her plane in the air. Put on a Come Fly With Me and explain that you are going to use the planes to warm up in time to the music.
  • Begin by leading the way demonstrating ways to move the plane and getting people to copy. For example, whooshing the plane through the air, doing a loop to loop, throwing it to somebody on the other side of the group…etc…
  • Then ask others if they have ideas of how to move the plane. Ask them to demonstrate their movement then get others in the group to copy.
  • If people are struggling to come up with ideas it can be good to use descriptive words.

Ideas for flying your planes:

  • Can you move the plane high up?
  • Can you move the plane low down?
  • Can you fly it fast?
  • Can you fly it slow?

What you will need /
  • Paper planes
  • Music - Come Fly With Me
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Beach Ball Pass

A fun warm up to build energy and lift mood

Method /

  • Put on a piece of music – pick one from the play list that is upbeat and energetic.

 Present the beach ball to the group.
  • Explain that when the music starts that you are going to pass the beach ball
 around the group.
  • Start the music and begin by gently passing the ball from person to person around the circle.
  • Once the group have got used to this ask if people can think of other ways of passing the ball around. For example, rolling it across the floor.
  • Try to pass the ball around the group in as many different ways as possible. You could also set the group the challenge of trying to pass it around without touching the floor for as long as possible.
What you will need /
  • Beach Ball
  • Upbeat Music


Summer Holiday – Song and Actions

Vocal warm up to bring the group together, and encourage concentration

Method /

  • Explain to the group that you are going on to warm up your voices.
  • Hand everyone a song sheet with the lyrics for Summer Holiday on it. Ask if anybody recognizes the song.
  • First read through the song line by line saying the words as clearly as you can. No need to sing, just speak the lines and then the group can repeat them. This is a great way of making sure everyone is confident of the words, and that everyone understands the words as well.
  • The next stage after this is to have a go at singing the song. Taking the lead go through the song line by line. You sing the line first, then the group sing it after you. This is a really good way to ensure that everyone is confident with the words and the music. You don’t have to be a good singer to do this! Just able to hold a tune so that others can follow.
  • Once you have been through line-by-line sing the whole song together.
  • Next say that you are going to add actions to the song. Go through again line by line adding a simple action foreach line. Read the line and then ask the group for suggestions of actions that you could do for that line. Anything goes, but it doesn’t need to be complicated - just a simple action is sufficient.
  • Once you have been through all the lines sing back the whole song accompanied by all of your actions.

What you will need /
  • Summer Holiday Songsheet
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Main Activity

Holiday Pass the Parcel

A fun roleplay creating characters, and telling stories

Method /

  • To play this game you will need to collect a selection of holiday inspired items of clothing such as hats, sunglasses, fans…etc…. Ideally you need to have one for each person in the group.
  • Encourage everyone in the group to take an item of clothing out of the bag.
  • When everybody has got one explain that when the music starts they need to pass the costumes around the circle, and when it stops they need to put on whichever costume they have got.
  • Play some music to start the game.
  • When the music stops encourage everyone to put on their costume, then look around the circle at the costumes that different people are wearing and tell the stories of the different characters that you can see.
  • Play this as many times as you want creating new scenes and scenarios.

Questions that you could ask:

  • Who are they?
  • Where are they on holiday?
  • Who are they on holiday with?
  • Are they having a good time?
  • Do they know any of the other characters in the room?

You could extend the activity by:

  • Picking one of the characters and helping them write a postcard home.
  • Acting out some improvised scenes between different characters that you create / discover.
  • Writing down the stories and characters from one of the destinations that you find yourself in.
What you will need /
  • A selection of holiday inspired items of clothing such as hats, sunglasses, fans…etc…. Ideally you need to have one for each person in the group.
  • Upbeat holiday inspired music.
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Main Activity

Suncream Inspired Poetry

Creating a poem inspired by a bottle of suncream

Method /

  • Before having a go at this activity ensure that nobody in the group is allergic to suncream – it is best to do this before you start your session.
  • Reveal the bottle of suncream. Ask if anybody recognizes what it is. Write down all the responses.
  • What kind of suncream does it look like? Where may you be going on holiday if you have this cream?
  • Put a small amount of suncream on the back of everyone’s hand – if anybody has an allergy let them keep the bottle to use during the exercise
  • How does the suncream smell? How does it feel? How does it look? What is the sensation when you rub it into your skin? What does it remind people of?
  • As people talk write down everything that is said in the form of a simple poem.
  • When the group have finished and run out of ideas read back all of their words in the form of a poem.
  • Finally ask them to come up with a title.
What you will need /
  • Suncream
  • Pen and paper
Video available /

Warm Down

Flying Planes Warm Down

Gentle physical activity to end a session

Method /

  • Thank everyone for his or her contributions.
  • Finish the session by playing Come Fly With Me and inviting people to fly paper planes across the room.
  • As the music plays throw the planes to one another across the circle.
What you will need /
  • Paper planes
  • Music - Come Fly With Me
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Summer Holiday FACTSHEET

Facts to support a workshop on this theme

Method /

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