The Picnic - Poetry Reading

Read and discuss a poem about a picnic – an Activity for Individuals

Method /

  • Both take a copy of the poem that you are going to read together.
  • Begin by seeing if the person you are working with would like to read aloud - will one of you volunteer? Or could you take turns to read a couple of

    lines at a time?

    Questions to ask:

  • When you have read the piece ask your partner if they recognise it?
  • Do they know the author?
  • Which words stick out? Maybe write a list of the words that you particularly like.
  • Which phrases do you like?
  • Which is your favourite line?
  • What kind of place is being described?
  • What kind of picnic is being described?
  • Who is at the picnic?
  • Finish off by reading the poem for one final time.

What you will need /
  • A copy each of the poem
Downloads /