Roll up! Roll Up!

A selection of summer fete inspired games – an Activity for Groups

Method /

  • Explain to the group that there are a range of different games at your summer fete and invite people to have a go at
    the ones that are available - 2 or 3 games is ideal.
  • Reveal the games and ask the group if they recognize any of them? Which one do they like playing? Which one is difficult? Which one is easy?
  • Pick one of the games to play first? Ask what the stallholder may be like who is in charge of this game? What may they say to entice people to play? Maybe somebody would like to have a go of being the stallholder – you could have a hat to hand for the stallholder to wear?
  • Then invite people to have a go of the game. See who can get the highest score.
  • Try the same with each of the games – talking about the game, creating a stallholder and their patter, then playing the game and seeing who is best at it.
  • When you have played all the games ask people how they enjoyed playing? And which they enjoyed the most.
What you will need /
  • A number of different games from a summer fete 2 or 3 is ideal.
  • A pile of empty, clean food cans and a bean bag for tin can alley.
  • A hula hoop and a number of bean bags.
  • A set of plastic skittles.
  • A coconuts with empty food cans to stand them on - and a bean bags to knock them off
  • A Velcro darts board
  • Plant pots and balls to throw into them
Playlist /