Kite Making

Gentle kite making activity – an Activity for Individuals

Method /


  • Cut out cardboard into the shape of a kite - you need to cut out enough so there is at least one each.
  • Cut tissue paper into long strips - enough so that there are about 5 for each of you
  • Decorate one or two kites yourself so that you have examples to show your partner, or have images of a completed kite.
  • Lay out all the materials ready.

What to do:

  • Say you are both going to make a kite out of cardboard - show the ones that you have made or images of complete kites as examples to give ideas.
  • Both choose how to decorate your kite using the materials that have been provided.
  • As you are working it can be nice to play gentle music in the background to set the scene.
  • Once you have decorated your kites choose a few strips to use as the tail. Attach your tails using glue or tape.

When your kites are finished:

  • Look at all the kites you have made.
  • What do you like about each other’s design?
  • Has you ever flown a kite?
  • Where did you fly it?
  • What is it like flying a kite?
  • What kind of day does it need to be?
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Image Credit:
What you will need /
  • Cardboard cut into kite shapes
  • A selection of coloured pens and pencils
  • Stickers and other things to decorate kites
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Tissue paper cut into strips - various colours
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