I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts - Singalong with actions

Group singing and movement activity – an Activity for Groups

Method /

  • Explain to the group that you are now going on to warm up your voices.
  • Hand everyone a song sheet with the lyrics for I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts on it.
  • Ask if anybody recognizes the song.
  • First read through the song line by line saying the words as clearly as you can. No need to sing, just speak the lines and then the group can repeat them. This is a great way of making sure everyone is confident of the words, and that everyone understands the words as well.
  • The next stage after this is to have a go at singing the song.Taking the lead go through the song line by line. You sing the line first, then the group sing it after you. This is a really good way to ensure that everyone is confident with the words and the music. You don’t have to be a good singer to do this! Just able to hold a tune so that others can follow.
  • Once you have been through line by line try singing the whole song together.
  • Next say that you are going to add actions to the song. Go through again line by line adding a simple action for each line.Read the line and then ask the group for suggestions of actions that you could do for that line. Anything goes, but it doesn’t need to be complicated - just a simple action is sufficient.
  • Once you have been through all the lines sing back the whole song accompanied by all of your actions.­­­­­
What you will need /
  • A "Bunch of Coconuts" songsheet for everybody in the group