Food Tasting - Picnic

Sensory activity tasting picnic foods – an Activity for Individuals

Method /


  • Prepare a couple of different picnic foods to try.
  • You will need a couple of different ones.
  • Ideas include: a selection of little sandwiches, scotch eggs, sausage rolls, quiche, cloudy lemonade.

What to do:

  • Present the different foods that you have gathered - write down everything that you both say about the food as this will be used to make a piece of creative writing.
  • Begin by looking at the whole spread of food.
  • Which food do you recognise?
  • Which do you like the look of?
  • Does the food look tasty?
  • Next ask your partner to pick the food that they would like to eat. Each take a sample of that food.
  • As you eat it ask what it tastes like?
  • What does it remind you both of?
  • How would you make that food?
  • What is the texture as you handle and eat it?
  • Is it a food you have eaten before? Where did you eat it?
  • Go through each food that you have got asking similar questions.


  • End the activity by reading back the words that you have written down - this will take the form of a simple poem.
  • Ask your partner if they can come up with a name for the poem that you have created.
  • Read the poem one final time, or ask your partner to read it.
What you will need /
  • A selection of picnic foods
  • Paper towels or napkins to clean your hands
  • Pen and paper