Daffodil Making

Make simple bun case daffodils – an Activity for Individuals

Method /

  • Start by taking the largest cake case in the colour of your choice and cutting the outside of the cases to resemble petals. If you choose orange and yellow the finished flowers will be really authentic, but any colour is fine.
  • Each choose a buuton and add a small piece of double sided tape to the back of it.
  • Stick the button at the centre of the smaller bun case.
  • Put a piece of double sided tape on the back of the small bun case and use this to stick it inside the larger bun case.
  • Add a straw to the back of the flower with a piece of tape. This is your stem.
  • You may make one flower each, or enough to fill a vase. It is up to you!
  • When you have finished look at the different flowers that you have created.
  • Do you like daffodils?
  • What time of year do you normally see them?
  • Where do you see them?
  • How do you feel when they see the first daffodils of the year?
  • Which country has the daffodil as their national flower?

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What you will need /
  • Bun cases - in yellows and oranges if possible - in two different sizes
  • Double sided tape
  • Bright colourful buttons
  • Paper straws
  • Sticky tape
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