Creating A Coconut Poem

Handle a coconut and write a poem – an Activity for Individuals

Method /

  • Bring out the coconut that you have got for the activity – explain that you are going to use them as inspiration to create a piece of poetry.
  • Begin by looking at the coconut – Do you recognize what it is? Have you ever eaten one? What would you do to eat it? Where would you get one from?
  • Then handle the coconut – How does it look close up? How does it feel? Is it light or heavy? What would you use it for?
  • As you react to the coconut write down everything that is said – you will use this to create your poem.
  • If possible you could also have some coconut available to eat - how does it taste? What texture is it? Is it hard or soft?
  • Finish by reading back the poem that has been created, or by getting your partner to read it. After the reading ask the person you are working with if they can think of a name for their poem.

    What you will need /
    • A coconut
    • Fresh coconut to eat OPTIONAL
    • A pen and paper