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What's new

Latest Activities:
  1. Added: 09-01-2021 Scottish Spaces and Places
  2. Added: 09-01-2021 Scottish Inspired Singalong
  3. Added: 09-01-2021 Shortbread inspired poem
  4. Added: 09-01-2021 Scottish Shortbread Sensory Poem
  5. Added: 09-01-2021 Scottish Inspired Poetry Reading
Recent Workshops:
  1. Added: 19-09-2020 (#602) Dancers and Dancing
  2. Added: 19-09-2020 (#756) Dance and Dancing
  3. Added: 26-05-2020 (#755) Wuthering Heights
  4. Added: 26-05-2020 (#601) Wuthering Heights
  5. Added: 09-05-2020 (#600) Birds